Pinto Russell Financial Services
We at Pinto Russell have been advising clients on investments since 1990. We have been through bull and bear markets, seen the world change with the Soviet Union collapsing in early 90’s, the fall of Apartheid in South Africa and the emergence of Communist China as a major capitalist player in the world markets.

Experience only comes with time. We have the experience to advise and to make the best of your financial situation sensibly. There are no short cuts, but with experience of an independent financial advisor you can achieve goals that otherwise you may not have achieved.

Wealth Management

We manage unit trust, share portfolios and Living Annuities ensuring that your investments are in the right portfolios for your situation.

Through our contacts we have assembled a world team to give you the best opportunity to wealth protection and growth both locally and abroad.

By knowing your needs and situation we can structure the optimal portfolio according to your investment requirements.

Bond Origination

Buying or selling a home, purchasing an investment, we have the strategic relationships with all the major financial institutions in South Africa, ensuring that our clients receive the best interest rates possible, saving you thousands in costs and interest on your loan.

Estate Planning

It’s never too late, and we’ll help preserve and protect your assets from one generation to the next. With successful estate planning we’ll transfer your assets to your beneficiaries quickly and usually with minimal tax consequences. The process includes inventorying your assets and making a will and/or establishing a trust.